What we do

What might a project look like? Click on the drop down menus to read more.

Skill sharing

As we initiate projects where we identify a gap in provision, then we'll make it our business to learn what it is participants would like to do. Where people would like to develop skills, then we will engage specialists to support people reach their goals. We strive to reach out to all members of our community delivering meaningful projects, that are relevant to participants.

We might work with local crafts people to learn wood carving or baking, joinery or photography, pattern making or sculpture, herb growing or candle making! 

A project like this might involve spending time in local outdoors settings or it might involve outdoor mindfulness practises. West Dorset is a bountiful place and really anything could be possible!

Rural communities

We might work with isolated people who live in a more rural community and find it difficult to access transport and amenities. By taking projects to venues local to them, then we hope to open up a range of possibilities for the people we work with. 

We will provide an accessible, friendly space, where people can gather to share in a collective experience.

Creative projects

We can run creative projects with people of all ages in our community - no skills are required!  Getting creative can help people gain a sense of pride, accomplishment or sense of purpose. It may help to reduce anxiety and stress and enable people to express their selves as well as having fun! A creative project might involve a lantern procession or story-making, puppet making or up-cycling craft projects or a combination... there is no limit! 

We might work with young families to devise and produce picture books for their children. 

A project like this may involve professional photographers to e.g. record a family snapshot for the back of the book to further galvanise their experience as a family.

Connecting groups

We love to help connect people from different generations and different sectors of our community to build trust and forge positive relationships. People could come together to share their talents, skills and experiences, focusing on their strengths. It may be that teens pair up with older people to support them with technology, exploring local history or sharing craft skills. It may be that allotmenteers team up with a group of people with learning disabilities to share food related stories and produce a recipe book. Or that a group of people struggling with anxiety team up with young parents and their children on local nature walks. Ripple Workshop aims to celebrate all those things that connect us as people and have fun along the way! 

We value the strength of doing small things together and the ripples that small acts of kindness can produce.

Additional support

We all have our stories to tell and many of us are challenged by our personal circumstances, or our mental health. All kinds of people may feel isolated or anxious and find it difficult to leave the house and meet new people. Ripple Workshop aims to be inclusive to all members of our community and to make projects accessible to everyone.

We will take special care to make projects approachable for people who are struggling. We can make virtual contact, speak on the phone or put in place a 'buddy up' system prior to workshops to make things easier. Our sessions will offer a supportive, flexible and welcoming environment and the kettle will never be far away!

We aim to celebrate each other's large or small achievements and to create opportunities for people to chat, share, create and learn new skills.